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My mom is learning the new geography

25 July 2007 | family, Mom, technoculture, weblogs | No Comments

Yesterday, my mom called and opened up the conversation by telling me that she got issue 11 of JPG in the mail, and how much she and everyone in the house loves it. That’s always nice to hear. I love the fact that I’m working on something that I can show to my family, who […]

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What’s old is new again

7 March 2007 | tumblelogs, tumblr, weblogs | 3 Comments

Back when I started weblogging, Blogger was only just getting started and a good many folks still did their archives and their updates by hand in some sort of text editor. Me, I used vi. I’d sometimes sit all day ssh’ed into my webserver with the current month open in vi so I could jot […]

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Lap-Pop 3.0 is almost go

21 October 2006 | lap-pop, lappop3, locus arts, spoken word, weblogs | No Comments

Sort of live-blogging from Lap-Pop 3.0, waiting for the show to start. Heard something about somebody’s milkshake being awesome. Stuff like this and the WYSIWYG Talent Show kind of bring weblogging full-circle for me. When I moved into Chicago from the burbs, I visited my poetry teacher from college and ended up showing her Running […]

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