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Corn, sodomy, and the ring

31 August 2007 | family, gay, gay marriage, lesbian, queer | No Comments

From Caryl’s post I learned that Iowa courts have moved in favor of same-sex marriage. Woo! I’m starting to lose track of what states in the US allow what kind of partnerships. Obviously Wikipedia can be trusted 100% (…), so one can look there, and now’s a good time to point out all the federal […]

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My mom is learning the new geography

25 July 2007 | family, Mom, technoculture, weblogs | No Comments

Yesterday, my mom called and opened up the conversation by telling me that she got issue 11 of JPG in the mail, and how much she and everyone in the house loves it. That’s always nice to hear. I love the fact that I’m working on something that I can show to my family, who […]

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30 January 2006 | death, family, queer, the invisibles | No Comments

This week I picked up all but the final graphic novel collections of The Invisibles. Given that I’ve been in one of my analyze-my-life modes, I figured it’d be a good time to revisit the series, since I’ve found reading it is a good way to unfuck my head. Which says something, given that the […]

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