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Corn, sodomy, and the ring

31 August 2007 | family, gay, gay marriage, lesbian, queer | No Comments

From Caryl’s post I learned that Iowa courts have moved in favor of same-sex marriage. Woo! I’m starting to lose track of what states in the US allow what kind of partnerships. Obviously Wikipedia can be trusted 100% (…), so one can look there, and now’s a good time to point out all the federal […]

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Is this news? Is it the right news?

7 March 2006 | cnn, homecoming, hood college, lesbian, news, queer | 1 Comment

Rock on and congratulations to Jennifer Jones, the lesbian at Maryland’s Hood College that was voted in as Homecoming King. But I have to take note that CNN thought this was newsworthy. I mean, this isn’t the first case of a GLBT student running for Prom/Homecoming/whatever Court on a cross-gender ballot. She’s probably not the […]

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