Lap-Pop 3.0 is almost go

21 October 2006 | lap-pop, lappop3, locus arts, spoken word, weblogs | No Comments

Sort of live-blogging from Lap-Pop 3.0, waiting for the show to start. Heard something about somebody’s milkshake being awesome.

Stuff like this and the WYSIWYG Talent Show kind of bring weblogging full-circle for me. When I moved into Chicago from the burbs, I visited my poetry teacher from college and ended up showing her Running Tally, my original weblog, after she asked me if I was still writing poetry. (“Not so much, but I’m still writing, in a fashion, doing this thing on the web…”) She browsed through it and said, “What do you mean you’re not still writing poetry? What do you call this?” That same day, through her influence, I got booked to read at Grinder (now Homolatte) and started doing spoken word, writing stuff for the mic as well as the web. And now people are taking what they wrote for the web and are performing it as spoken word. Fantastic.

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