My mom is learning the new geography

25 July 2007 | family, Mom, technoculture, weblogs | No Comments

Yesterday, my mom called and opened up the conversation by telling me that she got issue 11 of JPG in the mail, and how much she and everyone in the house loves it. That’s always nice to hear. I love the fact that I’m working on something that I can show to my family, who for the most part are non-techie, and they get it right away. (Though that’s changing; my cousin, recently graduated with a graphic design degree, has put her portfolio together in Dreamweaver, using CSS. That’s blowing my mind. I thought I’d be the only one who built stuff for the web in my family, ever.)

Today I shot Mom an email saying that I mentioned that phone call in the announcement I made on the JPG blog for issue 11 being out. She called shortly after, telling me “you’re so funny,” and that she thought that was cool that she was mentioned on the blog anecdotally.

It wasn’t until much later that I realized that this was the first time weblogs had come up in a conversation with my mother where I didn’t have to explain to her what they were.

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