jaschu vs. the 7au is the poorly-kept, irregularly updated weblog of jaschu, reflecting where his head is at, at the point when something gets posted. It’s a gallery of thoughts, presented as well as possible at the time. It also collects links he finds super-useful.

jaschu is really Jason Schupp, who lives in San Francisco, was raised in Chicago, works on/for the web, has been weblogging on-and-off for years, has interests in games of all sorts and media of some sorts, and has too many things he wants to try and not enough time in which to do so. He looks like this. Nothing he says is going to weird his family or coworkers out at this point, so no worries there. If you want more output from him, 7au.net might be a good place to start.

jaschu vs. the 7au is wholly independent, and does not reflect upon nor represent his employers, his family, his friends, anyone he’s dating, anyone he’s sat next to on public transit or held hands with spontaneously during an act of pervasive play, nor given money to in exchange for goods and services, nor anywhere he’s bought gasoline or groceries, his landlord, nor anyone or anything else. Thanks for reading.

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