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A request or two for that guy receiving a blowjob while driving on the highway

15 February 2006 | driving, sex | 8 Comments

Hi there. Wow, aren’t you the lucky bastard! Sorry to interrupt, but me and my friend are in the car behind you, and we’ve been watching what’s been going on. Now, far be it for me to put a damper on anyone’s pursuit of happiness, but just in case you forgot, we are on the […]

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31? Do I get flavors with that?

11 February 2006 | birthday, jaschu, this | 1 Comment

My birthday’s tomorrow, but in case I don’t get the chance to sit down in front of the computer then, here’s me saying hello. Now it’s your turn:

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My two-day boycott of my fantasy life

11 February 2006 | arguing on the internet, queer, worldofwarcraft | 1 Comment

A couple weeks ago, news came out that a GLBT player of World of Warcraft was given a warning for making an announcement about her guild on a public channel because she announced that the guild wasn’t “GLBT-only” but definitely “GLBT-friendly.” The classification? “Harassment: Sexual Orientation.” When she asked for clarification, the response was something […]

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2 February 2006 | second person, stress | 1 Comment

Stress manifests in the body. You spend up to an hour upon waking lying on your back to stretch it out and banish any pain. Your forehead is breaking out with more zits than you’ve had at any point since high school. The latest symptom may be food poisoning. You’ve had diarrhea since this morning. […]

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