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10 October 2007 | asides, internet living, microblogging, this, twitter | No Comments

I’ve discovered that I like Twitter a hell of a lot better when reading what people wrote all at once, rather than receiving the constant barrage of updates. For a digitally-oriented yutz like me, this might be considered the first sign of aging. I’m fine with that. I do not want to be always-on. I […]

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31? Do I get flavors with that?

11 February 2006 | birthday, jaschu, this | 1 Comment

My birthday’s tomorrow, but in case I don’t get the chance to sit down in front of the computer then, here’s me saying hello. Now it’s your turn:

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When I was born for the 7th time

26 January 2006 | this, vague musical references | 2 Comments

I’m feeling almost weird about starting another weblog/journal. Am I forever cursed into switching domains and names of my online writing and lose readers in the process every few months or years? Identity infidelity? Yet Another Weblog Title Syndrome (YAWTS)? I think part of what happened with Over Queersville was that I built it in […]

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