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links for 2007-01-30

30 January 2007 | | No Comments

The Silicon Valley Tarot “This is the Tarot for the new millennium . . . 2000 came and it’s still working. (Like everything else.)” (tags: geek humor parody tarot)

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links for 2007-01-29

29 January 2007 | | No Comments

Confessions of a 30-Year-Old Gamer — Friday, Jan. 12, 2007 — TIME One of Time’s correspondents ponders his gaming habit. (tags: worldofwarcraft WOW gaming mmorpg) TIME Mulitmedia | World of Warcraft Ta-Nehisi Coates’ photo essay, with audio commentary, to accompany his article. (tags: WoW gaming worldofwarcraft mmorpg)

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links for 2007-01-27

27 January 2007 | | No Comments

Everybody needs a personal “status” page | 43 Folders (tags: rss socialsoftware geek) Magpie RSS Frequently Asked Questions Magpie grabs RSS/Atom feds and parses them. Very potentially useful. (tags: webdev XML rss php) – name gen Fantasy Name Generator. (tags: gaming tools)

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links for 2007-01-24

24 January 2007 | | No Comments

April Winchell: Multimedia Noted because of the song where the guy bemoans that someone fucked his washing machine. This should provide enough listening pleasure for the rest of the week, I would hope. (tags: music whatthe) Tobold’s MMORPG Blog: How big is Azeroth? About four Manhattans, theoretically. (from Metroblogging Azeroth) (tags: wow worldofwarcraft) Yatlas Plugin […]

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links for 2007-01-20

20 January 2007 | | No Comments

David Bowie is very disappointed in you. And how. (tags: humor)

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What’s said and isn’t said along the way

13 January 2007 | cabbies, chicago, coach class, strangers, travel | No Comments

On the way to the airport, my cabbie tells me that his sister and brother are also in California, but if he can’t get his wife and six-year-old son over to America in the next year, he’s going back to Mongolia. “It’s so hard, you know. So much trouble getting into the country. I call […]

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links for 2007-01-13

13 January 2007 | | No Comments

Microsoft takes email design back 5 years – Campaign Monitor Blog The short of it: Outlook 2007 is coming out and instead of using the IE6 rendering engine for html-emails, it uses WORD’S rendering engine. Yes. What the hell, man?! (tags: webdev email CSS whatthe) A Guide to CSS Support in Email – Campaign Monitor […]

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links for 2007-01-09

9 January 2007 | | No Comments

Fuck! Deathmoose! I’ve seen the original sketches, and it still cracks me up. (tags: humor whathte comics) 9th Wonders | The Official/Unofficial Fan Site for HEROES I’m through episode 5. I think this week will be about catching up. (tags: heroes television) WoW Forums -> Greetings frometh theth Cenarioneth Circleth “Hardcore olde Englishe Roleplaye in […]

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links for 2007-01-06

6 January 2007 | | No Comments

NextBus Widget Interface – Dashboard – Transportation There’s a widget to let you grab transit info from NextBus. (tags: dashboard osx sf muni widgets) NextMUNI – Dashboard – Transportation Make that two widgets. (tags: dashboard osx sf muni widgets) BBC >> Tetris – From Russia With Love – Google Video Devin recommended this to us […]

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links for 2007-01-05

5 January 2007 | | No Comments

Black Minimalism – WordPress Theme at Cine XL (tags: wordpress) PostBreakup – say goodby3 Tantek’s breakup-coping wiki. Some good stuff in here, even if it’s… well, a wiki on breaking up. (tags: breakingup) gapingvoid: the end-user manifesto Think I got this from Matt M. Things to remember in making sites/apps. Not exhaustive and a bit […]

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