Fashion victim

2 April 2006 | delusion, fashion | No Comments

Tonight I was sitting in the Kintetsu Mall of Japantown, mostly just trying to practice no-mind (and failing; my inner state is never one of silence), and this kid walks by in a rush. He’s got a black murse with a Red Cross symbol on it. It stood out because it had more than a passing resemblance to my own murse—same kind of cover flap and buckles, same white circular background for the red cross itself… And after he walked by, I recalled another SF0 player telling me the day before that she had seen bags like mine at Urban Outfitters or some such, and like some victim of hipsterism I quickly asserted that I had found mine in a second-hand store… very knee-jerk of me, honestly.

The sum of these occurances, in some imaginative, solipsistic moment of fancy, made me wonder if this new fashion accessory appearing in stores was somehow my fault. I’ve had my bag for years, and I theorized that on one instance of being out and about, some designer-spy, prowling the streets of the city for items of unusual occurance, spotted my bag and decided to research it, replicate it, and push it out to market. Perhaps entire special forces of fashion informants roam the urban territories, filing reports on their findings during field reconnaisance.

Of course not, it’s ridiculous, at least the part where I’m somehow involved.

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